A51 Tattoos is dedicated to providing you with a Safe, Expertly designed and executed custom Tattoo. All Tattooists at A51 are Licensed for Body Art through the State of Illinois as well as the City of Crystal Lake. We are all certified in Bloodborne Pathogens Training updated yearly. All Tattooists working at A51 have served and graduated a professional apprenticeship. A51 Tattoos uses an ALL DISPOSABLE set up with SINGLE USE NEW needles. Equipment is openend and assembled in front of the client ALWAYS.  All inks used are VEGAN FRIENDLY.All Tattooists at A51 are well versed in many different styles of tattoos. Please check out our portfolios as well as stop into the shop and dicuss your thoughts with one of us. We will do what ever we can to help out in the designing process, so ask any and all questions that come to mind. Thank you so much for considering A51 for your next tattoo, we hope to see you soon!



Keep initial bandage on for at least 2 hours, if bandage falls off DO NOT replace. If bandage sticks to tattoo, wet until bandage comes off easily. Wash tattoo GENTLY using your hand, soap and warm water. Do NOT use Anti-bacterial or Anti-microbial soap; these tend to be a bit harsh for a fresh tattoo. Let air dry then apply a thin layer of A&D Ointment (provided) and wipe off excess with a paper towel. Continue to use A&D for next TWO days only, ONCE a day.

After second day apply lotion (Lubriderm or Curel ideally) ONLY if tattoo is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. If possible avoid lotion all together.

To keep your colors as bright as possible be sure to stay out of sun and chlorinated water for at least 30 days from date of tattoo. After your tattoo is healed, make sure to keep sunscreen on and fading will be minimized. It’s your tattoo, take care of it. We guarantee our tattoo work, but not if you don’t follow our instructions…we CAN tell.

As always, if you have ANY questions pertaining to the aftercare of your tattoo, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for letting us tattoo you.